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Exercise. Get enough sleep. Eat healthy.

Those are the three basic tenets you’ll often hear from people when you ask how you can boost your health or maintain your weight.

But, solely relying on your ability to consume enough fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins can’t give your body what it needs on a daily basis.

Here are three reasons why:

1. Fruits and Vegetables Do Not Have the Same Nutrient Content They Once Did. Farming is a necessary process, but with less farmland and fewer farmers, crops are planted more frequently instead of giving the soil a rest and allowing it to replenish much-needed vitamins and minerals. If the soil is depleted of essential vitamins and micronutrients, then the crops will not have the same nutritional value.

And there’s proof of this happening. Take spinach as an example. A Harvard University study compared the nutrients found in one bowl of spinach in the 1950s to spinach today and discovered that you would have to eat 40 bowls of organic spinach to equal one bowl from the 1950s. So, unless you want to consume 40 bowls of spinach, supplementing your diet with iron, magnesium, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and folic acid is essential for plugging those gaps.

2. Meeting Our Protein Needs Usually Means We Also Consume More of What We Don’t Need. Most people in the U.S. consume enough protein on a daily basis (50-70 grams, depending on your weight and physical needs), however, we also consume more saturated fat (the unhealthy kind of fat) and too many calories. By substituting or supplementing our diet with a high-quality protein shake featuring a protein source from undenatured whey protein isolate, we can absorb the healthy nutrients we need without all of the junk that often accompanies some of the foods we rely on.

3. Plugging Nutritional Gaps Can Create a Positive Domino Effect for Your Health Goals. Think about the last time you focused on eating healthier and even taking a supplement. You may have noticed you felt better and had more energy, which led to working harder in the gym or taking that extra walk. The intrinsic benefits of plugging those nutritional gaps in your diet can have a more powerful effect - physically and psychologically - on you than you even realize.

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